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How to Have a Happy Thanksgiving After Divorce

Autumn set of yellow leaves and flowers. Notebook with open pages on the table. Top view. Concept to do list

The secret to having a happy thanksgiving after divorce is simply planning for it. Planning ahead reduces the stress and sadness that often accompany this holiday after divorce. It also provides an opportunity for the divorced party to stay connected with children during such an intense time of the year when he or she might otherwise feel left out or forgotten about by those around him or her. Planning could involve creating a to-do list for Thanksgiving, having a good parenting and financial plan, and thinking about the right people to spend time with during the holidays.

Autumn set of yellow leaves and flowers. Notebook with open pages on the table. Top view. Concept to do list

Making a Thanksgiving To-Do List

Feeling happy about the Thanksgiving holiday after divorce can be tough. Making a plan can, however, put a recently divorced party in a positive space. It’s perfectly normal for a person to feel down after a divorce and want to spend the day alone. Engaging in fun-filled activities with children or friends, including building a backyard tailgate, playing a game, or crafting a family tree, can mean the difference between a boring and a memorable Thanksgiving holiday.

Having a Solid Parenting Plan in Place

It can be challenging for individuals not to feel resentment when seeing an ex at a holiday event. When the parenting-time schedule for the holiday is well-thought-out, however, this anger is much less likely to rear its ugly head. Parents should try their level best to communicate about holiday plans. Doing this will ensure that both adults are on the same page. If there is no parenting-time schedule in place yet, it would be wise for both parties to work closely with divorce lawyers to create one as soon as possible.

Having a Good Financial Plan 

If there has been a significant change in finances since the divorce, some adults may wish to scale back on spending this year. If one parent needed to leave a career to care for the children, he or she might not want to spend money on gifts or an extravagant Thanksgiving meal. Both parents need to discuss their concerns and try to come up with a solution.

Hanging Around People Who Understand

Divorced parties should ask close friends and family members if they would like to spend time with them on Thanksgiving. Spending time with loved ones at special events like Thanksgiving can be helpful, but it’s essential not to overextend oneself. Having the right people around can make this holiday unforgettable.

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