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Dealing with a Spying Spouse During a High Net Worth Divorce in the Digital Age

husband spying wife trying to read messages on the mobile phone of his wife

Spying in high net worth divorce cases in Illinois is becoming an increasingly prevalent problem, but there are things that people can do to protect themselves. Some divorcing spouses may spy on their spouses by using technology. People who are concerned that their spouses might be spying on them should check their vehicles, computers, and smartphones to see if any keyloggers, spyware or tracking devices have been installed by their spouses.

The Problem of Spying

It is not uncommon in a high net worth divorce for a spouse to use technology to try to uncover information. They may do things like install GPS trackers on their spouses’ cars or spyware on their phones or computers. Some apps that can be purchased allow spying spouses to see all of the messages that are received and sent on a phone or computer. Keylogging software may allow spouses to see everything that is typed. There are other programs that take screenshots of what people look at online. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 1.5 percent of U.S. adults are the victims of spying and stalking. For people who are going through divorces, an estimated 3.3 percent are victims of stalking or spying by their spouses.

How to Prevent Spying

When people are preparing to get divorced, they might want to purchase burner cell phones to use instead of their own phones. Some suspicious spouses check their spouses’ phones. The burner phones should be used for things like communicating with their divorce attorneys. They should also avoid using shared computers in their homes. Spouses may install keyloggers or other types of spyware apps on shared computers so they can collect information about the other spouses. People who suspect that their spouses know everywhere they go may want to have their mechanics check their vehicles to see if any GPS tracking devices have been installed. These are small devices that may appear to be something else and are easily hidden on cars.

Resisting the Urge to Spy

People should resist the urge to spy on their spouses during their divorces. Some forms of spying may be illegal, and the evidence might not be admissible in court. Spying may also lead to orders of protection against the spouses who spy.

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