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Keeping Track of Child Rearing Expenses

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Apps such as SupportPay make it easy to maintain a complete and accurate accounting of all child rearing expenses. Solid accounting of all child-rearing expenses can help answer any questions relating to these expenses and reduce conflicts that may arise during post-decree modifications. Generally speaking, the more thorough the accounting, the less likely there will be a dispute and the more favorable the outcome if one arises.

Keeping Track of the Small Stuff

Little expenses add up quickly and they are much more difficult to track than large expenses. The reality is that these little expenses can often add up to be as large or larger than expenses for tuition, medical bills, etc. This is why it is crucial for parents to maintain a thorough and accurate accounting. Should an issue arise, solid recordkeeping can quash a disagreement as quickly as it begins.

Apps such as SupportPay make it possible for parents to maintain a real-time accounting of their child-rearing expenses. This particular app allows the parent paying or expenses to input the data and for the other parent to see how child support payments are being utilized. It also allows the recipient parent to receive reimbursements to cover expenses. This saves time and creates a considerable level of convenience for both parents and children.

Maintaining Physical Records

While technology and apps can provide a solid electronic record, it is still crucial to maintain physical records to back up the accounting. Both payor and recipient parents should maintain physical records of payments sent, payments received, and amounts that are owed. These records should include itemized receipts that clearly show what items or services were purchased, who made the purchase, the date, and location the purchase was made.

These records should be kept up-to-date and it is best to enter them as soon as the expense is incurred. This can make it easier to maintain accurate records and can alleviate stress and pressure should a dispute arise.

Dealing with Disputes

A child support attorney can help assist primary parents in defending against disputes and post-decree modification requests relating to child support payments. The more thorough the records, the more expedient it is to demonstrate that an expense is the legitimate responsibility of the other parent. This is true whether the dispute arises from planned expenses such as healthcare, tuition, and insurance, or incidentals including clothing, food, gas, medicine, etc. that are required for the child’s health and safety.

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